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LHS Digital Media

SUB PLAN - Feb 24 & 27, 2017 (Fri/Mon)

1st, 2nd & 8th - Digital Media 1


  1. Script your “Personal Narrative” video and start filming/editing it.
    • About you (a story from your life, way of thinking, passion...)
  2. If you need help, ask Austin Long or Anthony Lee to help you get started.

3rd - Video Production 2


  1. Edit math videos.

4th - Exploring Computer Science


  1. Finish “Cultural Design” presentations. (
    • Info about the culture (in groups "own words").
    • Mathematical connections (in groups "own words").
    • Group member will demonstrate the software.
    • Group member individual designs (recreation & original).
  2. Finish individual designs.
  3. Finish Excel table.
    • Table with design.
    • Sortable.
    • Formulas that add numbers.
  4. Finish Word flyer.
    • LHS sport or club/organization
    • Colors/fonts
    • Images

5th - Web Development


  1. Finish “Tables & Forms” page.
  2. Create blank page with meta tags from the “SEO” project.
  3. Design a “Site Layout” with Mockingbird and screenshot it.
    • Use the "Snipping Tool" for screenshots.

6th - Digital Media 2


  1. Finish “Graphic Resume”.  ***COMPETITION - Hiring 3 for Prizes***
    • Name, Contact Info, Photo (required)
    • Experience, Skills/Programs, About/Interests (something like these)
  2. Write script for the “Radio Drama” and start recording/editing.

7th - LancerTV


  1. Finish “Broadcast
  2. Finalize “Sips Commercial” storyboards and plans.

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"If you are not prepared to be wrong
you'll never come up with anything original."
(Sir Ken Robinson)

Digital Media Topics:

Digital Media 1 & 2 TV & Video
    • Graphics (2D & 3D)
    • Audio
    • Video & Special Effects
    • Animation (2D & 3D)
    • Web Design
    • DVD Authoring
    • Interactives
    • Pre-Production
    • Production
    • Post Production
    • Camera Equipment
    • Shot Composition
    • A/V Connectors
    • Copyright
    • Audio
    • Lighting