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LHS Digital Media

SUB PLAN - March 21, 2017 (Tuesday)

1st, 2nd - Digital Media 1


  1. Turn in your “Personal Narrative” video.
    • name it - #Narrative_Lastname
  2. Turn in your "Basic Tweens” Animation.
    • name it - #Tweens_Lastname
  3. Turn in your "Greenscreen" video.
    • name it - #Greenscreen_Lastname
  4. Start "Cartoon" Animation.
    • Storyline
    • Sound
    • Onion Skinning
    • name it - #Cartoon_Lastname
    • Due Next Term

3rd - Video Production 2


  1. Turn in progress to my Dropbox.
  2. Edit math videos.

4th - Exploring Computer Science


  1. Finish any missing work! Last thing on this terms grade is the Scratch Baseball project (see below).
  2. Finish the Scratch Name Project. -
    • Requirements:
      • Separate sprite for each letter of your name
      • All letters have behavior
      • At least 3 different behaviors for letters
      • Use "when green flag clicked" block
      • Use "forever block"
      • Extra Credit - Have you name reinitialize/reset itself when green flag clicked
      • name it - 4Name_Lastname


  3. Finish the Scratch Joke Project.
    • Requirements:
      • 3+ sprites talking in dialogue
      • All sprites take turns when talking
      • Each sprite says 3+ things
      • Conversation starts "when green flag clicked"
      • Use or create a backdrop
      • name it - 4Joke_Lastname


  4. Finish the Scratch Baseball Project. -
    • Requirements:
      • Cat starts at home flag when green flag is clicked
      • Cat runs all bases
      • Cat turns left at 1st base and right at 3rd base
      • Extra Credit - Animate cat to run by using both costumes
      • name it - 4Baseball_Lastname



Mr. Scholer's Dropbox

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"If you are not prepared to be wrong
you'll never come up with anything original."
(Sir Ken Robinson)

Digital Media Topics:

Digital Media 1 & 2 TV & Video
    • Graphics (2D & 3D)
    • Audio
    • Video & Special Effects
    • Animation (2D & 3D)
    • Web Design
    • DVD Authoring
    • Interactives
    • Pre-Production
    • Production
    • Post Production
    • Camera Equipment
    • Shot Composition
    • A/V Connectors
    • Copyright
    • Audio
    • Lighting